Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thoughts on a Thursday Evening

I write. 

I write a lot. 

And normally when I've done my thoughts on a thursday post, they are simply my thoughts. 
But I thought I would start sharing my writings, little pieces that I write in passing, mainly while I stall on writing my book. 

Some are interesting, some only passable fares of literature, but I enjoy it. Short stories, poems, random thoughts from what I imagine a characters life to be like, sometimes bits of nothing that make no sense. 

But here they are, every Thursday from now on. 

If you hate them, just skip Thursdays, this helps me clear my head.
If you like them, then thank you, and enjoy.... 

I lived in the woods once
A small cottage
Large enough to hold my books, filled with dust and lavender
And every day I walked to the field

I heard the whispers in the trees
Like a songstress in the sun
Voices that called to me
My hair wove itself in the wind
A tangled basket of amber that carried the thoughts from my head

Then the light would fade
My eyes would dip
I shut my heart to the voices
And I returned to my dusty home
With the understanding that some things are meant
To be left behind 


Jan said...

I... will be checking in every Thursday. I love it!

Jan said...

Hi! Me again. I hope you had a magical Christmas filled to the brim with new memories!

Dani said...

Will you write your GD book already?! ;) Love this!