Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There's a Bit of Magic in Everything

Ballpark Sundays are something I've never experienced before. 
But I've come to find that I adore them.
$6 for the nastiest nachos you've ever tasted, and more laughs than I'd had all week. 

I cheered for the wrong team while Kandice gave scores on how well the players wore their pants. 
Number 18 was apparently a fan favorite. 

The seats clearly weren't packed. And at least half the seats that were filled, well they were full of what we call hecklers. Kandice reassured me that there was no way the players could actually hear what was being said. And besides she told me, these guys make more money than half the crowd. They can handle it. 
Mean is still mean I say. 

But hecklers aside. The day was a bit of magic. One of the first days this month that was filled with hot summer heat and sunshine. 


AnnaBanana said...

You're back!! I thought you would never come back. I've missed your humor.

TheBeastMeister said...

I see what ya did there with the sunglasses.

Cole. said...

Baseball! I love it! I went to a game last year with my husband and assured him that it wouldn't be the same without nasty nachos. So I definitely ate all of them with a coke.

Glad to hear your summer is kicking off well!


Jan said...

There you are, I've missed you!